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Tesla Magnetics Group Corp. wants a world without pollution.

Perhaps the biggest pollutants come from the generation of energy for human uses. We can end it.

At Tesla Magnetics we believe that energy is a human right like air, sun, water, plants.

Energy is free! You just have to know how to get it.

At Tesla Magnetics Group we know how to do it and that each of you have it available 365 days a year, FREE! The amount you need.

Leave us your opinion and interest, only via email.

We are working tirelessly.

Thank you

CEO Tesla Magnetics Group Corp.


Tesla Magnetics Group Corp.

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It will be because of my roots in technical studies that I once began to perceive that the electrical energy we use should be like water, sun, rain, fire, something free for human beings.
When I included economics in this reasoning, I realized that the governments and powerful economics were not going to let it be like that.
They did anything to make the people eternally dependent. Just as they do with allopathic medicine and the eternal dependence on drugs that are harmful to human health.
They created compulsory consumption laws, to prohibit any other form of supply other than the one they control and charge for it.
I began to pursue the idea and I came across great men and women who, in anonymity, not to say hidden, already had practical tests of real and effective electric power generators but were using what the powerful economic corporations use on a large scale. energy and they are very attacked for it, there have even been deaths.
These free power generators are not so free because they say they have moving parts that age and consume some type of fossil fuel.
The ones that don't, made from powerful magnets, also have moving parts and need large metal frames to generate enough power for small, medium, and large use.
For many years I have known that everything is energy, said and verified by that great theoretical physicist Albert Einstein at the beginning of the last century (his theoretical predictions are still being verified today).
That the human body is an energy consumer and generator at the same time that the planet is an inexhaustible source of energy and my heavenly father, the sun (Inti for many South Americans), is for humans perhaps the greatest inexhaustible source of energy that we have within reach.
And I learned that in the cosmos, from our galaxy to the most distant, there is a cosmic fabric in which everything is immersed, our body, everything that surrounds us. Look around you, the table, the chair, the television, the furniture and the space between them is the cosmic fabric, your human senses do not perceive it, but it is there.
When you walk in those free spaces, in your house or on the street, you are immersed in it, it opens and closes behind you, as well as being inside you as well.
I wonder what would happen if we could destroy a part of the cosmic fabric?
Would the cosmos seek to repair it? Then what titanic force could do it?
In my search, after a long time, I came to experiment with perpendicular magnetic fields. And yes, BINGO, it is destroyed and also immediately repaired.
So there was an expense or consumption of energy in the repair, as there was to destroy it, I asked myself, how could I collect that energy that the cosmic tissue uses to repair itself.
And yes, I also found it, I was able to convert that energy into electrical energy used by our appliances, motors, factories in general.
Great was my surprise at the immense amount of energy that can be collected, almost uncontrollable.
To summarize, today I am in the project, developing infinite energy generators, no moving parts, no fuel consumption, no radiofrequency, carbon, or sound pollution.
For questions or participation you can contact me in the contact form.

Thank you
Hector Gonzalo

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